Discussion Starters

1. Identify some of the positive character traits portrayed in the three roles models.

2. Identify three obstacles these women encountered in pursuing their goals.

3. How did they overcome those obstacles?

4. Did any of these women's stories touch you emotionally? Did they make you angry or surprised?

5. Did their stories show you a sense of direction? Create any hope in you?

6. Did any of these characters remind you of your own dreams? Can you see yourself in any of these stories?

7. Although these role models lived many years ago, can you identify some of their issues that are still relevant today?
Or to your future?

8. Who are your role models of today? And Why?

9. Can you think of someone in your personal history that may someday become a historical figure?

10. List some of your goals. (long range or short term)

11. What obstacles do you see in your way?

12. Brainstorm - how can you overcome, get around or break through those barriers?

13. Make a pledge to yourself (write it down!!) "Beginning today I will............."

This performance of Women: Back to the Future is dedicated to my mother
Julianne Freund Campbell
My hero, and greatest role model


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