Petticoats in Politics
Kate Campbell Stevenson creates Petticoats in Politics as her vision to educate audiences to a vital yet neglected era of American history.

"Touring the country performing my one-woman show, Women: Back to the Future, I was alarmed by the void in general knowledge of Women's History, particularly the early 20th Century fight for the ratification of the 19th Amendment. I witnessed a nonchalant naivete in today's women and young girls about the long struggle earlier generations of women endured to win the vote. This compelled me to create an educational experience, using music and theater, to encourage women to recognize their power in participating in the democratic process.

I teamed up with the League of Women Voters for a community connections grant funded in part by a grant from the Montgomery County Government and The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County to create Petticoats in Politics. My vision is to use music and theater to be an agent of change. We are in the middle of a historic national election. Yes, women have come a long way – but a better understanding of women's history and their struggles
empowers us all for the future. The featured women are Abigail Adams, First Lady and early women's rights activist; Rose Crabtree, Council member of the 1920 All-Female Town Council of Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Alice Paul, early 20th century suffragist and co-founder of the National Women's Party; Eleanor Roosevelt, "First Lady of the World", U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and co-author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Petticoats in Politics fills in some of the gaps in suffrage history, and challenges today's women and young girls to become more active participants in the local, state and national political process. For women's voices to be heard, more women need to run for office, serve on committees and learn how to advocate for issues they feel are important to improve our society, whether it's on local, state or national level.

Petticoats in Politics performances are dedicated to and in memory of Marilyn Praisner, a three-time Montgomery County Council president and the longest serving woman in council history."

Kate Campbell Stevenson presents: Women: Back to the Future
12122 David Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20904 ~ Phone: 301-622-1588

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