Research trip for Western Women show, Wyoming

In July 2005 Kate spent two weeks researching interesting Wyoming women. She visited numerous historical sites, ranches and towns, picking up tons of inspiration and the incredible ambience of early western life. Returning to Silver Spring with an extra suitcase of relevent books, an antique kettle, four hats, and period western garb, Kate is working hard on her new Women: Back to the Future show featuring Western Women to debut in 2006!!

Kate outside the Jackson Hole Historical Society in Jackson, Wyoming.


Kate with Jackson Hole Historical Society staff researcher Krista Fantin, who was extremely helpful. Thanks, Krista!


Kate admiring authentic late 19th century women’s split riding skirt with Mary Schmitt, owner of Cayuse Western Americana in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Mary is incredibly knowledgeable about early western women apparel - her suggestions and expertise are extremely appreciated. Thanks, Mary!


Kate holding Cowgirls book which features many pictures of Mary's mother's antique western women's clothing.


Kate Campbell Stevenson presents: Women: Back to the Future
12122 David Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20904 ~ Phone: 301-622-1588

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