USNS Comfort Performance

What makes Women: Back to the Future incredibly interesting for Kate is performing in unusual venues and meeting wonderful people. The most unusual performing space, yet wonderfully rewarding, was to bring Women: Back to the Future to the officers and crew of the hospital ship USNS Comfort in April 2004. Kate performed in one of the dining halls with very low ceilings along side the cafeteria line and the coffee and tea dispensers. The crew was extremely appreciative and after her performance gave Kate a tour of the incredible hospital ship which had recently returned from assisting casualties from the Iraq War. It indeed was an honor and a privilege to share the whole experience with these dedicated Americans.

The USNS Comfort is the third hospital ship to bear the name Comfort. The 1,000 bed medical treatment facility has 12 operating rooms and sophisticated support equipment designed to provide mobile, flexible, rapidly responsive afloat medical capabilities in support of the operating forces. The 894 foot converted San Clemente class supertanker is manned by a joint military and civilian crew. Layberthed in a reserve operating status with a small crew, she is capable of activation to full operating status with a combined crew of more then 1,200.


Kate in opening number.


Kate performing aviator Bessie Coleman.


Kate as Eleanor Roosevelt.


Kate receiving gift of appreciation (Captain’s hat) from the Captain of USNS Comfort.

Kate wearing (Captain’s hat) on USNS Comfort.


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