Research Trip for Louise Arner Boyd,
San Rafael, California

Part of what makes Women: Back to the Future so much fun for Kate is traveling and discovering the women's stories where they happened. In September of 2003 Kate flew to San Francisco, California, where her 85 year old father, Dick Campbell, joined her to help research the life of their relative, Louise A. Boyd, in nearby San Rafael, California. For one week Kate and her dad scoured records at the San Rafael Library and the Marin County Historical Society, and visited the historic Boyd home and Boyd Park.

Kate's first stop was at the Marin History Museum, which actually is the Gate House of Louise Boyd's former estate, Maple Lawn.


Kate in front of the Marin History Museum.


Front view of the Gate House at Louise A. Boyd's Maple Lawn Estate.

Next stop was the San Rafael Public Library, which shared access to four boxes of Louise Boyd's personal papers. Kate can not sing loud enough praise for the professionalism and cooperation of the San Rafael Public Library staff. Special thank you to Gail Lockman, Head Librarian, and Kay Noguchi, Assistant Librarian, for their enthusiasm and awesome assistance.

Kate with San Rafael Public Library Head Librarian Gail Lockman.


Dr. Dick Campbell (Kate's Dad), Gail, Kay Noguchi, and Kate.


An appreciation lunch for Gail and Kay.


While on a little break from research, Kate and her father walked across the street to use the piano in the Falkirk Cultural Center to rehearse for an upcoming concert. San Rafael - what a friendly fabulous town!


Kate and Dad enjoying lunchtime concert.


With too much fun and excitement researching and enjoying San Rafael,Kate's twin sister Connie couldn't stay away and flew in to join in the fun. A picture of Dad meeting Connie at the airport.


Dad and Connie sightseeing in San Francisco.


Twin sister Connie and Dad exploring in the Redwood Forest.


Kate, Dad and Connie brunch at Bogie's Cafe in San Rafael. Very fun place - highly recommend it!


Kate inside Bogie's - fun decor!


Kay and Mark Noguchi dancing at the Falkirk Arts Council fund raiser featuring swinging jazz music.


Kate and her father taking a twirl on the dance floor.


Early magazine picture declaring "Something New in Careers for Women!", featuring a cartoon of Arctic explorer Louise A. Boyd with a polar bear.


Marin County Historical Society magazine cover featuring the two different lifestyles of Louise A. Boyd. At left she's the Arctic explorer and hunter, and on the right is the photo of Miss Boyd as she is preparing to be presented to King George V and Queen Mary at the Court of St. James, June 29, 1925.


Miss Boyd preparing to be the first woman to fly over the North Pole,
June 16, 1955.


The plane in which she flew over the North Pole.


Louise A. Boyd inside the plane, pointing to a map of the North Pole.


What the North Pole looked like from the airplane window.........lots of ice!


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