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What People Say About Kate & WBTF:

"I spoke to you after your presentation at the Casey Cares Breakfast and told you I really needed your presentation. I want you to know I have never cared for shows or musicals and as soon as you started singing I immediately went into "shutdown" mode. That lasted about thirty seconds. I was completely amazed by you show! Right now my business is struggling and it is taking a toll on my husband and me. It seems we are up against insurmountable odds, but the women you depicted gave me such hope and encouragement. You cannot imagine what your show did for me--meant to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
~Allison, business owner & performance attendee

"On behalf of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) we thank you for performing your educational, innovative, and inspiring play,Women: Back to the Future. By magically transforming yourself you brought to life four very important women from American history. Your play truly honors the contributions that women have made to this country."
~William Parsons, Chief of Staff, USHMM and Lynda M. Bowman, EEO Manager, USHMM

"Thank you for the fabulous performance . . . all of us were in awe! Not only did the students enjoy your presentation immensely, but they also learned a great deal from it. (Truth be told, so did the teachers!) It's a wonderful program. Many thanks again for a fascinating and enlightening afternoon."
~ Carolyn Gold, Maret School Director, Lower School, Washington, D.C.

"She had everyone mesmerized! It was the best program I've seen in the last ten years here. She was fluent, well organized, extremely well coordinated to reach the children and adults. Fantastic!"
~ 5th Grade Teacher, Woodley Hills Elementary School, Alexandria, VA

"Your on-stage personality transformations were awesome! With each transformation, you eased the audience from one period in history to another, allowing us to briefly visit with each of the historical women role models that you brought into the room. I, and the other attendees thank you so much for the experience."
Lucy Arenrin, Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C.

"Your performance was wonderful and well worth the time away from the "normal curriculum." I was so impressed with your level of theatrical performance. You easily captivated every student from kindergarten to fifth grade! Although we loved having you at our school, your true place belongs on the Broadway stage. Besides being an excellent performer, you were a "natural" teacher with the kids, We loved you. You were magnificent!"
~ Dr. Robert Baker, Principal, Northwood Elementary Scho ol, Franklin, IN

"I've heard nothing but "RAVE REVIEWS" from both students and adults. Two thumbs up!"
~ Jayne Jordan, St. John the Baptist School, Silver Spring, MD

"Your program was wonderful! Freddie (Mac) employees were talking it up as they walked back through the halls to their offices adderall. You really got them excited and empowered."
~ Kerry Cadden, Yankee Ingenuies, Inc./ Freddie Mac

"WBTF worked out especially well for the Polk second graders as it supplimented a required area of curriculum study. It's always nice to be able to take a little of the burden off the teachers . . . thanks again for your special addition."
~ Sue Hardman, Polk Elementary PTA, Alexandria, VA

"As a teacher of launguage and a motivator who likes to empower all 6th graders, especially reticent girls, I found your presentation to be fascinating in its format, enlightening as anecdotal nonfiction, and long-lasting in its outcome."
~ B.Y. Whorton, 6th grade Team Leader, Clarksburg Middle School, Clarksburg, MD

"...you captivated the audience!! ...many of the students had limited English ability and yet they were still able to enjoy and participate. You truly had something for everyone!!"
~ Swaim Pessaud, Project Discovery Coordinator, Fairfax, VA

"A Broadway-quality inspirational performance! Our students are still talking about it."
~ Georgeanne Mintner, School-To-Work Coordinator, Wade Hampton High School, Hampton, SC

"Thanks for your wonderful work....You do make a difference!"
~ Carolyn Casey, NASA/Goddard Space


Kate Campbell Stevenson -
Maryland National Delegate to Vision 2020

will be participating in

"Collaborating for Change"

Vision 2020's Fourth Annual Congress

Hyatt at the Bellevue, Philadelphia, PA


• A national coalition of organizations and individuals united in the commitment to achieve women's economic and social equality.

• Working with National Allies that represent over 20 million women and girls.

• Working with National Delegates that represent all 50 states.

• A project of the Institute for Women's Health and Leadership.




Kate Campbell Stevenson presents: Women: Back to the Future
12122 David Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20904 ~ Phone: 301-622-1588

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