Sacagawea's Song
by Martha Hart Johns

I am Sacagawea
I am Shoshone
Sure of foot like the goat
Stout of heart like the bear
Taken from my tribe as a child
I have no parents
The earth is my mother
for she nourishes me and gives me food
The golden sun is my father
Now he rises at my back, oh morning star
and sets across tomorrow's path, oh evening star
as I seek the Great Water in the West with these strange men of pale skin
The animals are my bothers
They teach me to be one with the land
as that is the way of the Shoshone
We share this land with buffalo and elk, with otter and beaver
and now with men of pale faces who talk of
others who "own" our land
They need a guide
The rocks and the trees are my map
So I lead them
They sketch and record
for the Great White Father
while I listen to the music of the wind and the water

I am proud Sacagawea
I am proud Shoshone
My baby son, I call him Pomp
He travels on my back
On my journey I came upon my people
People of the plains, Shoshone
I spoke to them with my fingers to my lip
to say "I am one of you!" "I am one of you!"
And they cried out to see me
and gave us horses
Wild horses to ride with out saddles over the mountains
My son will be a great man
He will see the Great Water and be wise
My hear pounds with excitement
For my children's children will say
Sacagawea lead them across the land
She was sure of foot like the goat
She was stout of heart like the bear
I will not be afraid
Follow me


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