Workshops, Teacher Inservice, Artist-in-Residence

Let Kate design and adapt specific programs for your organization, or for students and staff, matching your curriculum needs. For example:


  • Leadership
  • Writing
  • Character Education
  • Theatre Scenes and Make-Up


Teachers will learn techniques using the transformational power of the arts to:

  • augment student writing,
  • promote communication and leadership skills,
  • demonstrate self empowerment tools and character education.


A select group of students using various themes will:

  • study effective scene writing;
  • research their own family stories or people in history;
  • create their own monologue incorporate various forms of communication, i.e., poetry, sign language, drama, music or comedy in writing their own scene;
  • block, rehearse, and perfect their artistic scenes for a culminating student body assembly.


Kate Campbell Stevenson presents: Women: Back to the Future
12122 David Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20904 ~ Phone: 301-622-1588

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